Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving: Faith, Family and Friends ... what more could I need?

I started out this month attempting to do a "month of thanks" each day ... posting about what I'm most thankful for and why ... I made it to day 12!

Not that I don't have TONS to be thankful for ... or people to whom I'm thankful ... or a great God who has given me so much ... but as I was doing those daily posts it soon hit me that they can all be boiled down to be thankful to God for:


See, the funny thing is ... when I sit down and think about it, these are the three things that make my world:
  1. FAITH: my Catholic faith keeps me going thru the good and the bad times; when I'm feeling most sorry for myself ... most envious of others ... or just plain disgruntled ... I realize that I firmly believe in a loving God who only wants the best for me at any given time.  This makes me look for the best in the situation -- why would I be going thru x, y or z right now ... is it something I can change or not ... how can I make it better or learn to accept.  My God is a great and good God and my Church holds me up and keeps me going.
  2. FAMILY:  my family is pretty bizarre ... I have family I see/talk with all the time, some I only see/talk with occasionally and some I never see/talk with ... but yet I love them all.  They are a great gift for which I am always thankful.  I'm especially thankful for the family members that don't call or write or visit -- they make me evaluate what I'm doing: is it my fault ... could I do something better ... do they need me?  The family members who don't contact me are a blessing both for what they make me think about changing and also, and more importantly, for the chance I'm given to pray for them and for our relationship ... to pray that they may "come home" ... that I may be a source of help to them.
  3. FRIENDS: my friends tend to be an eclectic mix of folks ... and always have been.  When I was in undergrad, my friends came from all groups: the druggies, the hip and groovy, the geeks.  I got along with all of them.  My friends throughout life have helped me and allowed me to help them.  I have learned from them and taught them.  I have been prayed for by them and been given the chance to pray for them.  I have grown stronger in my Faith because of (or maybe even in spite of) their friendships. 
So please, on this day when our country says "thanks" ... remember first, to Whom we're giving our thanks and really think about what you're thankful for ... don't take anything for granted and know that there will always be others better off and worse off than you ... no matter where you are.

God's grace and blessings be on one and all .... I pray for you all everyday!

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