Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Feast Day: Pope St. Leo the Great

Today is the feast of St. Leo the Great, given the credit for stopping the sack of Rome by Attila the Hun through the his gift for speaking the truth without fear.  He is also known for his amazing homilies and condemnation of many heresies at the Council of Chalcedon.  He is one of the 33 doctors of the Catholic Church.

Dear St. Leo, you were always strong in your voicing of the Faith to all around you ... never afraid to declare heresy when you saw it ... may I, too, be ever vigilant in my faith, willing to stand-up and argue for the Church whenever and wherever necessary.  Pope St. Leo, please pray for us ...

And if you could add my Uncle Leo to your prayers ... my mother's youngest brother (just 69 years old) he seems to be dying of a virulent cancer; he and his family could certainly use your prayers!


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