Thursday, November 11, 2010

Month of Thanks Day 10: Thanks be to God for Our Max!

Max at 7 weeks with String Bean

Max at 15 weeks

We have had our Max for almost 7 weeks now (he is 15 weeks old now) and he has wormed his way into all our hearts (yep, even dh thinks he's pretty great.).  He is doing great on the whole potty training thing and crate-training is an amazing help for his overall health and well-being. 

We took him to the Vet on Wed 11/10 and he weighed in at a whopping 9.8 (pretty good as 3 weeks ago he was just over 6 lbs.).  And except that I found out we were going to one of the most expensive vets in the area (which we will QUICKLY remedy ... and did you know you can purchase Frontline Plus online rather than paying the exorbitant vet charges????) ... he had a great check-up and is healthy as, well, as a 15week mini-schnauzer should be.

Thank you God for working it so we could get this bundle of love to add to our family!

BTW, this should have been posted last night ... but some kind of stomach issue was running thru the family and I just didn't get to it.  Thanks be to God, that seems to have passed!

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