Friday, November 12, 2010

Month of Thanks Day 12: this is a VERY secular one!

Tonight, I am extremely thankful for  I know that sounds frivolous and silly, but I have to tell you that knowing that I can order something online without the kids knowing ... receiving a box from Amazon with "school stuff" in it ... and not having to drive all 'round ....REALLY, REALLY makes my day!

Especially since my youngest's birthday is coming soon -- Nov 24th -- and he'll be 8 and he's WAY too aware of what's going on and secrets and just knowing everything ... it really is nice to be able to order:
  • How to Train Your Dragon (dvd) -- this one is the double-DVD so he gets a bit of "gaming" and fun without the cost of the wii game ....
  • How to Train Your Dragon jigsaw puzzle -- he is my jigsaw-puzzle solving whiz-kid ... I guess he takes after his Godfather, my brother Joe, who is an amazing puzzle guy!
  • How to Train Your Dragon ... the book -- I am trying to push him to read to his potential ... I think this one may just get him staying up till 11 (like his brother Lego Maniac) to finish a book so he can whine until I order/buy the next one in the series!
Now see, this way, I've got it set up so he'll ask for the wii game for Christmas .... gotta love!

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