Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Month of Thanks Day 9: Thanks be to God for Flexibility in Homeschool Scheduling

One of the great benefits to schooling at home is the adaptability of our schedule to new choices ... exciting events ... or just plain letting life flow around us and sweep us up into the whirlwind. 

Today was just such an example:  Lego Maniac was able to spend the morning participating in a class, "Shakin' up Shakespeare", led by a some folks who are in the Richmond (VA) Shakespeare Company.  Not only did he learn about Shakespeare's plays (by acting out, miming and interpreting the Bard's works), he also came home an enthusiastic witness to this classical author!  How many kids in 6th grade have learned to LOVE Shakespeare ... he loved it ... and now String Bean (5th grade) and BamBam (2nd grade) WANT to learn more about these plays ... so we'll tweak the schedule a bit and dive into Shakespeare!
Love, love, love the homeschooling gig!  Thank you, God, for the ability to homeschool my little cherubs and turn them onto loving, living and learning ....


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