Sunday, November 21, 2010

Family: Max, the mini

Our mini-schnauzer, Max, turn 4 months old on Friday!  Here's what he looked like at 7 weeks (just a week before we brought him home):

... and here he is at 4 months!

and for those of you who know my dh .... yes, he IS starting to like the little guy:
 dh distracted by LSU winning last night ....
 got a sloppy kiss from the little guy ...
and the kids thought it great that Dad was finally holding Max!



  1. Congrats on your new family member! He is sweet. :) (Harry and Sally, my dogs, are about 10 times his size!) Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog--while I miss Durham and certain things about our house, I don't miss our big yellow house in the winter time. There was practically no insulation in that house! I was always cold... but I did love the rose garden, the raspberry bush, and all the other delights. Since then I've lived in 3 other old houses (circa 1914-1929 or so) and well, in terms of indoor cold in the winter, our yellow house won. It was arctic at times! I am glad we share that house in our past though--this is one of the reasons I like to live in old houses. I like to think about all the lives and experiences that were in the house before us...

  2. Dr G is not looking totally thrilled at holding this cute little fluff ball! (Though I have no doubt he is warming up to the little guy!) I just groomed my Toby a few days ago and was so relieved to turn him from a MOP into a smooth respectable gentleman. I thought of Max...YOu will really appreciate a neat look too as he gets older. We miss the little guy! ---Mary the breeder.