Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Review: Dining with Joy

.As I've mentioned in past book reviews, occasionally I enjoy reading fluff -- books that are not high-brow, usually fiction and either romance or mystery ... books that I can lose myself in for the time while I'm reading.  With fluff reading, I don't expect much ... deep, provocative truths are not what I'm seeking in these types of books. 
Dining with Joy: a Lowcountry Romance, from Christian fiction author Rachel Hauck is such a book -- fluffy with an interesting story, characters and background information about South Carolina's lowcountry.  But, be forewarned: don't look too hard at the story-line as you might be disappointed. 

I had a very hard time with the main character:  on the surface, Joy Ballard is a hard-working successful 29yo ... she has a phenomenally successful cooking show but the problem is that she can't cook.  She and her staff and friends have been "covering" for her for the 4 years since she took over the show from her dad ... after a death-bed promise, no less.  All is cooking right along until Luke Redmond, a REAL cook, shows up in Beaufort, SC and sparks fly between the two.  Should Joy fess up and admit she's been living a lie ... should Luke, when he discovers her secret, continue to cover for her because he "loves" her ... and so the story goes.

Often, Joy turns to God and asks for help and guidance ... but then ignores EVERY opportunity to break the lie and accept the consequences.  When the denouement finally occurs, there are no adverse consequences for Joy -- all still love her ... she can get out of the show she's not been comfortable doing ... Luke loves ... all is well! 

If you want a fluffy, superficial read -- this is it; if you're looking for a deeper, more meaningful story ... this ain't it.

I received this book as part of Thomas Nelson's Book Sneeze blogger review program.  The review above is my honest reaction to this book.

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