Thursday, November 11, 2010

Month of Thanks Day 11: Thanks be to God to all our Veterans and others who give service ...

Today, being Veterans' Day, we especially give thanks to those who have served our country (whether on foreign shores or here at home) ... who have given of themselves to protect our freedoms ... who have sacrificed life, limb or social-standing to be our guardians.  THANK YOU!

Today, since dh's high school was off, we were blessed to be able to spend the day with dh.  But even better than that (and that was pretty great), we are most thankful for being included in a service project with some of his wonderful students ....

Our group did yard work at one of the Mary's Shelter houses while another group of kids worked at the Paul Stefan House, both in the Fredericksburg area.  That's right ... these teens willingly got up and met at 9:00a.m. Mass, had a bite to eat (thanks to the wonderful KofC Ladies at our parish) and then headed out to do some service!  Other groups of kids from the high school went and did service also ... this is just our small part of the solution!

We raked and arranged and planted and worked to make the yard a bit of an oasis for the residents ...

  What a glorious day ... spent with glorious people ... doing glorious work!

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