Monday, March 21, 2011

Max: putting family first

Six months ago, we got a mini-schnauzer from a dear friend (and breeder).  He was my birthday present for my 49th.  Many of us were excited to have him in our lives ... some of us were not.  Six months later, we have found him a new home because nothing ... NOTHING ... should ever be allowed to disrupt a family's peace and well-being.  No thing should be allowed to disrupt the harmonious living together of a family.

Nothing: not a pet, not a job, not an activity.

Family is the core unit of society and receives bombardment from all directions, bombardment that can rip a family apart.  Society tells us we can have it all ... but it doesn't tell us how to share or how to balance the give-and-take necessary.  Society says that "I have a right to xyz", "I should be able to do abc", "I have the right to go to 123".  There are lots of I's in those sentences and not too many "wes".

A family must be a "we" ... must be a unit that works toward the same goals and builds up from within.  A family must be a give-and-take ... with all helping to support each other, nurturing different interests and activities of the individuals while ensuring that nothing tears up the family unit.  At times, things will come into a family that throw that balance off, that can cause a small tear in the family fabric that can become a large rent and then a total disconnect.  Max was throwing our family off balance ... he was causing a small tear.  Max was causing loss of sleep ... tension ... stress.  It wasn't fair to us or to Max.

So, with the help of the dear friend, we found him a lovely, perfect new home.  I should amend that:  thanks be to God, we found him a new home.  It was fast, virtually pain-free and all are happy.  It's a bittersweet happiness though as we're also a little sad to lose our mini-Max.  But we know that he is in a better situation -- lots of room to run, another puppy to play with and a "mom" that really wants him.

And, our family is whole peace again.


  1. I'm glad you are at peace with your decision. It is a hard one to make! We found a new home for our first dog, Gus, back in 2004 and very quickly realized it was the best decision for him and us! Now, many years later, Crouton has joined our family life and is a perfect fit. You have to do what is best for the family! And what is best for the family usually ends up being the best thing for the dog as well!

  2. Sorry to hear about Max, but happy for your peace of mind!