Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lent 2011: here's how we'll do Stations of the Cross ...

ETA (3/10/11): Yes, Paula is right, it was Ruth at Just Another Day in Paradise where I got this idea.  I really love that it is all connected so I don't have to re-set it every Friday, but instead can leave the votives/cross on our family altar in the dining room all week!  THANKS Ruth for this brilliant idea.

On Fridays during Lent, we always try and do the Stations of the Cross ... either at home or in our parish or wherever.  This year, to ensure that we DO the Stations each Friday, we borrowed an idea from one of my lovely online lady-friends (but since I'm pushing 50, I just can't remember who -- if it's you, PLEASE post to the comments!) and did the following:

14 votive candle cups hot-glued to a board (I actually had to string some boards together (thus the gaps underneath) that I painted purple.  Each of the cups represents a Station of the Cross.  The wooden cross backing up the candles (and attached by using a square block instead of the rectangles for the rest of the "board") was painted by LegoManiac -- which accounts for the "blood" dripping down where the wounds of Christ would be.

The idea is that when we get ready to do the Stations, we light each of the candles.  As we read the Station, we blow out the candle, until all 14 are blown out.  In the darkness, we will then quietly (well, that's the plan) head to bed.

Cool, huh?

How is your Lent progressing?

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  1. Our friend Ruth does something very similar, maybe that's where you saw it? Looks great!