Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm back ....

... after my two-week, self-imposed hiatus from the internet.  Just to refresh your mind:  on February 14th, I began a two-week period of fasting (only tea/water/coffee to drink and no sweets), prayer (daily Mass and rosary, morning prayers before the kids wake up, de Montfort's consecration prep) and abstinence (no FB, blogs, etc).  I did these mortifications as an offering to God for a miracle: there is a house I just love that would be perfect for us and solve so very many problems.  Well, that two weeks finished up yesterday ... I don't know whether God's answer is "yes", "no" or "not now" but I do know that the past two weeks were such a grace-filled gift, with lots of re-prioritizing and plans and reading and changes to come.

For all of you who prayed for me and mine during this time -- thank you so very much!  It means so much to me when dear friends I've known online for years ... many of whom I've never met ... pour out prayers and good wishes whenever I ask!  You are all in my daily prayers and know that if there is anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate to holler.

So watch for some awesome book reviews ... some changes to this blog and my online presence ... and a great emphasis on my knitting work.  For those that knit:  I'll be speaking in the morning (and doing a couple of afternoon sessions) at Dog House Yarn's spring knitting retreat out at Graves Mountain and I've got some new knitting designs available for download:
  • Victoria's Tee -- a fingering-weight cotton-acrylic yarn done in a Victorian lace edging pattern.  This top looks great with an undertop or (if it ever warms up ...) all by itself. 
  • Malcolum's Cluthar, cap and toy cube -- knit in an organic, worsted weight cotton, this set was designed for a dear friend's first baby, Malcolm.  The blanket is knit in one piece with textured designs (anchor, heart, crown, boat) and cables for interest; the cap repeats the cables and the 7-inch soft-cube has bells buried deep inside to jingle to the baby's delight.
And, today is String Bean's 11th birthday .... more on that later ...

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