Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday 2011 OR why I'll still be posting thru the next 40+ days ...

Today, our Lenten journey begins -- a journey toward the Resurrection which we can't have until we walk our own Calvary, leaving all our sins and ugliness behind to be refreshed, renewed, reborn on Easter Sunday morning. 

What a great time of year!  A great chance to rebuild our relationship with the Holy Trinity ... to sacrifice what we hold dear in order to put Him first.  These next 40+ days are our chance to walk our own Calvary -- to fall occasionally ... to be ridiculed and mocked ... to endure the crosses we have created ... in order to be renewed.

Many of the folks I know are giving up the Internet for Lent ... this is quite commendable and works for them.  I will still be online, posting and chatting, primarily because my knitting work requires that I stay in touch.  But also, because I think if I share my Lenten journey with you, it might help you on yours.  I will be increasing my spritiual reading with:  Abandonment to Divine Providence, The Way of the Cross, and Fr. Barron's Conversion: Following the Call of Christ.

May you all have a holy and healthy Lenten journey -- please pray for me as I will do for you!

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