Sunday, September 26, 2010

Birthdays: my 49th year ends!

Wow, what a weekend!  My dear family believes in doing it right for my birthday and always does at least a "birthday weekned" if not a full "octave"! 

This year was especially poignant -- not just because it marked the end of my 49th year, but it also marked the welcoming of a new member to the family:  Max, the mini-schnauzer -- he's only 8 weeks + 2 days old and is a little shy ...

but String Bean already has him playing nicely!
I am SO blessed with my family and friends ... many of whom sent wishes all summed up in the Byzantine song, "God grant her many years".  My children and dh gave me many wonderful things, including the cards and table decor shown below (if you look closely, you'll see BamBam's gift:  a Steve Young football card!)

I am so amazingly blessed!  THANK you to all, near and far, for the good wishes, prayers and love ...
you mean so much to me and mine!

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