Sunday, September 12, 2010

The best laid plans of mice and men ...

Well, the plan WAS to leave Friday morning ... heading south to Raleigh ... to surprise big sister Sarah and watch her play volleyball in the NCState Tournament.  As we were heading out, we decided to call said sister and let her know our plans. 

We then found out that our 6-0 senior at Georgia Southern had dislocated her shoulder and wouldn't be playing ... but she would be in Raleigh with the team ... she just wouldn't be playing.  Which actually worked out better (isn't God good?) as we were able to see her and visit with her a bit (we probably would have only seen her playing and then a quick hug after the matches if she had played!).

We also had the wonderful chance to spend time with our old friends in Raleigh (who so generously allowed us to spend the weekend with them!) .... they knew Sarah when she was just a little kid when we all lived in the same neighborhood over 10 years ago. 

... and I got to a knitting shop in Raleigh that wasn't there when we lived in the City of Oaks ...

a wonderful trip all 'round (except GSU didn't win any of their matches except for the one we DIDN'T see!)

Sarah is great seeing you ... and spending time with you ... we'll see you at the SoCon in Boone in November!

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