Friday, September 17, 2010

Out and About on a Friday

This was one of our "outside" days .... and the gorgeous weather helped make it even nicer.  First, down to Orange for a drawing class for Lego Maniac and String Bean.  BamBam and I enjoyed walking around the historic town ... and enjoying "to die for" cinnamon rolls at "Not Just Desserts" while waiting for the kiddoes. 

Then, it was off to Montpelier to celebrate Constitution Day and enjoy the afternoon with some wonderful homeschool families (incl one who was celebrating his birthday a few days early). 
After almost two hours of the boys running ... and running ... and running and the girls and moms chatting away, we headed over to visit our newest family member -- Max.  Max is 7 weeks old today and will be coming home a week from Sunday.  We're all (except maybe dh) really excited ...

Isn't just sweet?  And he's the second smallest in the litter and just a charmer! 

Hope your day was just as wonderfully active! 

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