Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1st Weekend in September ... what a blast!

There are some weekends that really stand out as being just about perfect.  Such was the first September 2010 weekend:
  • Friday -- opening Mass at dh's school; long, "playdate" with dear friends (where there is someone for everyone:  BamBam and LegoManiac have boys to play Wii/Nintendo/trampoline, String Bean has a "little sister" to mother, and I have a dear homeschool mom with older and younger kids just like me); traffic issues on I95 (go figure) with the promise of a stop at Borders once we got passed ... dh made dinner and we watched a family movie! 
  • Saturday -- after the typical kvetching about chores, we all settled in for a day of open windows/doors, comraderie and prepping for the evening:  the boys did a magic show at a fund-raiser for the local elementary school and then we all ate "fun foods" (that is, homemade junk food:  nachos, cheese dip, chips and onion dip made with yogurt) and watched LSU win their season opener against UNC!
  • Sunday -- another open-window day with brilliant blue skies, short rehearsal and lots of family time (watching the first season of Hogan's Heroes!)
  • Monday -- dh home (!) and yet ANOTHER open-window kind of day with morning Mass, lots of knitting time and kids' playing time, and an evening watching Fitzwilly.
Isn't that just a wonderful weekend?  Sets us up for a great week where we have oil changes, dentist's teeth-pulling (BamBam) and school ... but another long weekend coming up with dh taking Friday off!

Hope your long, end-of-summer weekend was just a lovely!

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