Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Feast Day: Our Lady of Sorrows

Today is the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows ... when we take time to stand at the foot of the cross with the Blessed Mother and thank her for her YES to God ... a yes that saved the world.  The seven sorrows of Mary include:
  1. the prophecy of Simeon the flight into Egypt
  2. the loss of the Child Jesus in the Jerusalem
  3. the meeting of Our Lord on the way to Calvary
  4. the standing at the foot of the Cross
  5. the taking down of Our Lord from the Cross
  6. the burial of Our Lord
Evelyn Vitz at Continual Feast has a wonderful Bittersweet Chocolate Cake (gluten free, yet!) recipe for this day, which we're going to try (I'll keep you posted!).  We'll also be doing a little activity today to help us remember the Seven Sorrows: a neat project from That Resource Site

This feast celebrates and shows that Mary was steadfast ... never forgetting her faith in God's love and mercy ... even through these horrific times.

Please God, may I always remain steadfast in my faith, no matter the trials and tribulations!  Holy Mother, pray for me and mine that we may always walk the path of sorrows that lead to the path of True Joy!

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