Thursday, September 9, 2010

"BamBam" really needs to be changed to "Joe Cool"

My youngest, otherwise known on this blog as BamBam (and with very good reason!), is taking dh's family heritage to heart.  You see, dh's family really dislikes letting go of their baby teeth.  At the same time, dh's family is progressive:  their permanent teeth come into position, whether or not the baby teeth are out of the way.  Cousins on dh's side (and others in dh's family) have had teeth pulled.  In fact, String Bean had a similar problem 3-1/2 years ago.

In the picture above, BamBam is getting ready for his two front lower teeth ("O" and "P" to be exact) to be extracted.  The novacaine (the swabs sticking out of his mouth) and "Hot Wheels" on the tube kept him so out of it that he didn't know the dentist stuck one of those HUGE, pain-killing laden shots into his gum ... and didn't even feel the teeth being extracted!  It took less than a half-hour of dental time (much, much longer on the mommy-clock) which would have been shorter, but BamBam wanted to watch the end of "Hot Wheels"!

Now that the novacaine is wearing off, he's not quite so calm and comfortable ... so off to do some nursing!  Thanks to all those who prayed for us all.

... ready or not, here those teeth come!

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