Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October ... what a whirlwind!

Today is the first day this month that we're home by 11:30 a.m. and NOT GOING OUT ANYWHERE!  What a wonderful feeling to be home all together (well, dh won't be home till dinner), working together and separately, eating together, being together. 

Things really started heating up with busy-ness back on October 16th when the boys and dh went to a UVA home game ... it was a slaughter, but fun for the guys to do the "real life" college football (especially since the tickets we got from our neighbor included great seating and a parking pass!).  BTW, the tough-love look on BamBam is due to mom taking a picture ... he just wanted to leave!

The next day, tech week (aka, hell week) started with a vengeance:  25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is a wonderful musical but tech week is always tough ... especially for this stage manager!  Lego Maniac has a bit part and the stage-managing isn't really hard, just takes time away from family.  But, you'll be happy to know I have been able to fit in knitting while ensuring props are where they are supposed to be ... mics are on ... and helping actors don various costuming effects.  A great cast and wonderful director make my job fairly easy and rewarding.

Later last week, Thursday was a prime example of the down-side of tech week:  dh teaches ccd, String Bean had embroidery club and Lego Maniac and I had to be at the theater -- all at the same time!  Thanks to God's providence, we do have a second car so (altho we ate dinner rushed, we did eat together) and the two younger stayed with dh while LM and I headed to practice.  Not ideal, but does work!

Friday, Oct 22nd will live in infamy as the day I started a new venture with my knitting: three hours of talking with the owner of Spring Gate Farm, a cashmere goat rancher down in Barboursville!  Seems she was looking for a designer to create unique designs for her cashmere yarns ... and I'm it!  She left me with about 15 skeins of the gorgeous, luxurious yarn and a head-ful of ideas of eactly what to design.  You'll be hearing more about this on my knitting blog, By Hand, With Heart

Saturday, brought the Mary's Shelter Craft Bazaar that we've been working on since August.  String Bean and I headed over at 7:30 to help set-up ... I left around 11 to pickup Lego Maniac (who was serving a Confirmation Mass) and then do the grocery shopping ... back to get String Bean when she finished (about 3) ... heat up some game-day food to watch LSU play Auburn ... than off to do the musical ....

Sunday brought 7:30 a.m. Mass (Lego Maniac served) where we heard that we gathered over $3400 in monies from our craft fund-raiser!  Not bad for 4 hours of selling handmade baked goods, hand-crafted items (including many made by our kids) and other items.  After a family brunch at Panera (our favorite bagel and treats place) LM and I went to the matinee of Spelling Bee and home for dinner and playing with Max (who really misses us when we're at the play!) till an early (we're talking 8:30 p.m.) bedtime for this cowboy!

On October 25th, we were graced with a visit from dh's sister and bil on their way home from a Clemson alumni event (he's a dean down there).  A four hour visit was just not enough ... but at least we had some good quality time with our favorite relatives.  They hadn't been to "the farm" since we moved in June 2009, so it was fun to show them how much we've done (and how much we still have to do).  That evening, BamBam had his first fencing scrimmage -- he placed  a very respectable third ... fencing against kids who have been fencing much longer than his five months!  Lego Maniac fences tomorrow in HIS first scrimmage ... but I won't be there since pick-up rehearsal starts up and then we kick off performances for this weekend (ending just before Halloween activities Sunday evening!).

Always fun to be busy ... but I'm loving the pace of today ... slow and steady ... surrounded by my family ... with dinner prepping and an evening of relaxation and family movie viewing (Sound of Music ... thanks to Netflix)!

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