Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Welcome to our new home

Our very first visitors: dh's sister, BIL and niece. How we enjoyed the visit ... and hope they did too!

We have started a new month ... and a new chapter to our lives. We are living in a wonderful spot in a rural county in Virginia and we are loving being away from the noise, the traffic and the lights of the big city!

We so want to live a simpler life ... a life of embracing nature ... going on walks ... getting back to the basics ... instilling in our children a sense of wonder at God's creation and the gift of hospitality to all who venture to visit.

Please join us here ... let us know how you live a simpler, more faith-filled life as we share our journey toward a more basic existence while we love and learn and live, seeking God's will in our daily choices and lives.


  1. Congratulations! Rural VA is so beautiful! You'll have a blast!

  2. I just love your header picture!!

  3. I hope this new venture is everything you want and need! Hugs!