Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hospitality: handsome man and friends abound

We have had such a lovely weekend and it's not even over yet!

On Friday, we finished off VBS at Church with a pot-luck supper and slide show (where BamBam featured prominently) and then a big soccer game while we waited for dh to return from the train station with one of my favorite men: my godson and rising FUS senior! He has been working in Maryland all summer on a Federal grant/internship and decided to come spend his second to last weekend with his favorite aunt named Mary!

We had a great visit last night and today. While he was here, we had one of dh's fellow-teachers and his family come for a visit to the lake and dinner here ... Godson joined us at the lake and he and Kotch did wonders with keeping the kids entertained while dh and I visited and barbequed up a pile of burgers, dogs and beef (can't really call it "steak"!) .

Here's a photo chronicle of the visit:

That would be our favorite godson swimming in the lake ... yes, he's outside the swimming rope, but he's big enough ...
Here's our guests' only daughter -- a 2 year old cutie that won the hearts of both Lego Maniac and BamBam!
Our guest's 4 year old son and BamBam having a blast while younger brother looks on ....
Bam-Bam swimming and enjoying the gorgeous afternoon ...
including the building of an amazing mountain, sand dam, and moat!

In the evening, dh made awesome barbeque and the kiddoes toasted marshmallows. It was the first time for our friends' children and our kids mentored theirs with the start of wonderful memories ... What a wonderful experience for us all ...

Unfortunately, said evening had to come to an end ... and said godson has to go back to Maryland tomorrow ... but we'll see all the guests again soon!

If you can spare a moment or two ... please send up a prayer for dear godson as he starts his senior year at Franciscan University and discerns God's will for him in this next stage of life!

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  1. Mary:

    Thanks so much for the gracious hospitality with my dear son. He told me about the Krispy Kremes this morning..."You know you're in the South when Krispy Kreme glazes the donuts BEFORE they frost them!"

    Sounds like he had a great time and we can't wait to come for a visit ourselves!