Monday, July 27, 2009

Serendipity does it again!

I just wrote up a blog post on a very cool creative idea I found this morning. Check out Nurturing Creativity to read more about Serendipity's new curriculum plans for tweens -- girls 11-15 -- with everything (except math) integrated into a solid Catholic package that helps the girls "at the bend in the road" love, live and learn ... and thoroughly enjoy the journey as they go!

I'm excited to begin collecting the resources over this next year and then using it for my String Bean for next year. She is so not the canned curriculum kind of kid ... Lego Maniac is and Bam Bam probably is, but NOT String Bean. This one looks right up her alley as it's creative, nurturing, lots of beauty and truth ... just what I've been looking for!

Are you going to join the journey with your girl(s)?

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