Saturday, July 25, 2009

Prayer: please pray for a couple of guys ...

... who really could use the prayers:

First, my 20yos who "somehow" fell 10 days ago and fractured ribs 7-9, breaking rib 10. He can't work until he heals ... which means he's going through the money saved this summer for school to live while he waits to get back to work. Please pray that he quickly heals and that during this time of rest and recuperation he is able to discern God's will for him!

Second, a week ago, my bil Ben was in a car accident -- broke his foot in about four places, compressed some discs in his back and broke his right hand. Pray that he continues to heal and improve and that he doesn't drive the hospital staff and his friends and family nuts while he is on bed-rest (for up to 3 months!) while his back heals. Also, pray that if he needs us to head down there, that he has the humility to ask us to come down and help out.

God is so good ... and sometimes all we have to do is ask! Please join us in prayer for these two guys!

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