Friday, July 24, 2009

Homeschool Discount: Friends of the Library

In my post last night about our wonderful time at the Fair, I omitted mention of a very cool discovery I made.

As we were walking around, my "spidy-sense" honed in on tables with used books. As I got closer, I noted the signs on each box reading "free books", so that made my smile bigger. As I neared the first box, I spotted a copy of Quo Vadis -- a great hardcover edition of this marvelous Catholic classic (written by a Pole, no less). Since this is one dh really likes, I figured it'd be ok to grab it -- it's not that he needs to "ok" every book brought in the house, it's just that it minimizes questions if it's a book he likes and we don't have AND it's free! Then I glomed onto a book about cooking outside -- everything from vegetables to fish to squirrel -- another book I thought dh would want as we were just talking about the joys of barbequing and how we should learn to cook other things ... God is good, huh?

On top of our wonderful finds, I got talking to the man behind the tables. Seems he's a volunteer for the Orange County Library Friends' Bookstore in Orange. I didn't even know they had a store-front! As he's telling me the hours, he mentions that the week-day hours aren't the most convenient for most people -- I say, "but I homeschool, so that's not a problem". Well, HE says, "we give books free to all teachers and homeschoolers"!

Guess we're I'm going as soon as dh goes back to work?

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