Friday, July 3, 2009

Moving: tips for how to do ...

As many of you "old-time readers" know, we move ALOT. Dh and I have been married 12.5 years and we've lived at twelve different addresses, in four different states, and even another country! Yep, we move ALOT! We're not military and we're not corporate -- we just go where we believe God calls us to go.

So you could say that we are experts on moving. Not that we're great at it ... just that we've done it so much that we are considered pros. So, since this last move is (God willing) our last, I want to share the "wisdom of the ages" as it were:

  1. Be careful what you ask for: If the closing is scheduled for the feast of a martyr, expect to die little martyr deaths. We closed on the Feast of Nativity of John the Baptist, the one who had his head chopped off by Herod. We had NO electricity for our walk thru the day before closing (after driving 1.5 hours to get down to the property); we rescheduled a walk-thru for before closing -- we still didn't have power even tho the power company told us we would. Once we got power, and agreed to the walk-thru, we then waited to hear about closing -- at 7:30pm, we got the word that they'd be ready. At 9:02 pm, we were the proud owners of the house. Yes, we died many little deaths to get to that moment; but yes, we got thru it and now own a house!

  2. Organize, but be flexible: No matter how organized you think your packing is, it'll get all mixed up and you'll just have to live with it. I spent the month of May packing ... sorting, sifting junk from "keepers", labeling, taping and queuing boxes/bins ready for moving day. We had a couple of stout young men help us ... and they loaded it all, willy-nilly, but it all got down here and it's Christmas everytime we open a new box or bin! It's all here, somewhere.

  3. Schedule, but be flexible: Assume the house is going to be dirty and need a cleaning before putting anything down ... we didn't and we've been living out of boxes and sleeping on screened porches for a week as we moved the day after closing. We finally have the carpets (and the years of gunk) cleaned, cabinets wiped down and stocked and we've built the beds and are all sleeping in doors tonight -- albeit with the windows wide-open as it's a gorgeous 70 degrees right now with a cooling wind coming off the lake.

  4. Schedule and don't shirk: Schedule cleaning of your own previous dwelling and do it as if you were moving in rather than moving out. We spent a solid 12-16 hours cleaning the rental house. We owed it to our wonderful landlord and it's easier to complain about someone else not cleaning if we've cleaned!

  5. Keep it all in perspective.: Once moved, take time to unpack, clean, organize ... but also enjoy the new home and the blessings that got you this far. Everyday, we try and carve out some time to just have fun -- walking, swimming in the lake, eating out somewhere. The little things that make this all worthwhile.

  6. Give thanks to God and His saints who interceded and got you through the showings, contracts, closing, moving, settling: It truly is worth it to call in every prayer warrior and novena possible. We did novenas to St. Joseph, Our Lady and Servant of God, JPtheGreat. And it made life so much easier, knowing we weren't in charge and that someone "bigger" was helping. If it weren't for our Year of Job and Lamentations, I don't think we would enjoy this house so much -- don't take anything for granted!

I'm sure as time goes on, and I can start joking at some of the near-deal-breakers which almost cost us this house, I'll post more on moving ... but please do keep these in mind as your own moving starts to unfold!

Don't forget to enjoy the journey! Remember why you're doing this and thank God that He has given you the grace to handle it all ...

P.S. And don't forget to buy a house with a large storage facility -- a two-car garage holds LOTS of household goods while carpets are being cleaned, walls are being washed and workers are off playing!

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