Thursday, October 14, 2010

Feast Day: St. Callistus ... and a quote ... and birthday wishes

Today is the feast of St. Callistus, 16th pope, who died (tradition says) as a martyr.  He was known for his mercy and love of all.

Today I have a quote from St. Peter Julian Eymard which has nothing to do with St. Callistus but alot to explain about why I try and take the kids to daily Mass:
Hear Mass daily; it will prosper the whole day. All your duties will be performed the better for it, and your soul will be stronger to bear its daily cross. The Mass is the most holy act of religion; you can do nothing that can give greater glory to God or be more profitable for your soul than to hear Mass both frequently and devoutly. It is the favorite devotion of the saints.
And, finally, a great big happy birthday to John Laurence .... remember, don't worry about getting older ... I will ALWAYS be just a few years your senior!  Hugs and prayers to you and all the family ....

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  1. Hello Mary,

    Thanks for the birthday mention on your blog! It has been a GREAT day so far and am looking for ward to seeing you all again soon!