Monday, October 4, 2010

What a great weekend ....

... to be a Virginian, a Catholic, a fiber fanatic and a mom/wife!

.... a Virginian -- because this weekend's weather was pure Fall!  Crisp days, chilly nights, the promise of rain on Monday (but who cares ... since it's Monday!).  No joke: the weather from Friday through Sunday afternoon was just perfect ... and we enjoyed it to the hilt.

.... a Catholic -- because our pastor, who is an amazingly devout priest, resurrected the tradition of First Saturday devotions:  exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, benediction, rosary, confession, and private prayer ... culminating in the celebration of Holy Mass.  All before 10:00 in the morning.  It was wonderful (especially the ability to receive the graces bestowed by the sacrament of Reconciliation) and an amazing turn-out considering it started at 8:00 on a Saturday!

.... a fiber fanatic -- because this gorgeous weekend included the ability to attend both days of the Fall Fiber Festival down at James Madison's Montpelier.  In its 23rd year, this fiber festival is a fiber-fanatic's paradise.  Raw wool, spun roving, yarns in every color imaginable ... sheep dog trials ... weaving, spinning and knitting demonstrations (I did this for an hour each day ... with my String Bean right alongside knitting away) ... supplies and finished products to buy (or in my case, drool over) ... and the nicest people with whom you'd ever want to hang.  The weather cooperated nicely ... threatening rain in the afternoon but holding off till the late evening.  A woman with a lovely voice and personality, seranaded us on Sunday with her dulcimer while String Bean and I knitted away.  [And to finish off the weekend, I was able to make some contacts for possible knitting-design work!]

.... a mom/wife -- because I got to hang out with my lovely, talented, crafty 10 year-old daughter for big batches of time both days ... I got to play catch (with a football) with my wonderfully athletic sons (re-playing the near-upset of Tenn vs LSU on Saturday) ... I got to play with Max (9 weeks old on Friday) who has settled into the family-circle nicely and is allowing me to get 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep before needing to go "out" ... and quality time spent with my gift-from-God husband!

What more could a girl want? [Lest you think BamBam doesn't like Max ... it's just that he refused to take a picture as he had football to watch/play/talk about!]


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