Monday, May 3, 2010

Nurturing Creativity Daybook: May 3-8, 2010

As I mentioned in a post last week ... I can't keep up with "daybooks", but week-at-a-glance seems doable!  Here's this weeks creativity in the heart of our home:
  • on my needles: I have just started another project for the Knit Picks Independent Designer Program;
    the Season-spanning Cardi and the Felted Fair-Isle Yarn Basket are knitted, drafted, packed and off to the post office this morning.  The one that I've just started is titled "Memories of Eire" ... a vest in a gorgeous dark heathery green that is wonderful to knit! 
  • on the craft table: SEWING projects WILL get done this week; String Bean and I need the fun skirts, dresses and capris we'll be sewing.  Today, since it's rainy out, will be a fabulous day to start!
  • on the kitchen counter: ground turkey thawing for the kids' favorite dinner -- spaghetti with meat sauce!  Dinners are gonna be quick'n'easy this week as I'm stage manager for Rumors and we're in "tech week" ... 6:00pm call time for rehearsal and performances this weekend.
  • in the garden: I have seedlings coming up, HUGE transplanted azalea that has taken, and all the other transplants this past month seem to have taken.  Rick and I worked on the front garden, tilling and mixing and augmenting the amazingly dense clay soil so that I could get flower seeds in and we could transplant Japanese maples into the center of the two gardens.  The gentle rain yesterday and today will help TONS in getting these things established.  Looks like I'll be weeding this weekend!  Kids have planting (including watermelon seeds) to get in the ground this week. We're designing a modular tree house that we'll add to bit-by-bit to make a "castle for the kids".  Stage 1, the swing, is shown here and we'll work on finishing the 4x8 platform atop this week. 
  • in the school-room: winding down the heavy schoolwork (altho we'll continue thru the summer, just on a lower-gear); got May Crowning on Friday; end of the year projects to work on.  I'm going to pull out some various craft supplies a couple of times this week and let them make what they will.  Charlotte Mason-ites call this "masterly inactivity", I call it "free explore", the kids call it just fun!  We're also field-tripping this week since this is the week of the anniversary of the battles of Chancellorsville (April 30-May 6, 1863) and Wilderness (May 5-6, 1864) .. since they're in our "backyard" ... this is a great excuse for heading out and exploring (and maybe re-enacting a few of the bloodier scenes!) 
So what are you doing to nurture creativity in your home?

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