Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lake: Fishing Tournament today!

Life at the Lake is an amazing family experience.

Today is a prime example of the wonderful memories we are building down here: the littles and dh and I headed to the front pond this morning (at 0800, no less) for the annual Children's Fishing Tournament hosted by the non-profit Lake Youth Foundation (I'm on the board of directors of LYF as secretary so I had to help, but we would have gone anyway).
Bam-Bam caught two fish ... Lego Maniac caught one ... String Bean tried (she's a trouper -- she really didn't WANT to try, but did anyway).  String Bean also helped schlep paper plates, napkins and chips in anticipation of the hungry hordes descending on the food tables when the buzzer blew to mark the end of the tournament.

Here are some pix to give you a good idea of mine and the 130+ kids (plus their families) who came to enjoy the time as the lake, try to win one of the 20 trophies, eat a wonderful lunch of hotdogs/hamburgers donated  (and cooked!) by Clearwater Grill, and come home with a fishing rod, reel, lures and all kinds of other cool stuff (yep, EVERY single fisher went home with a whole "fishing kit" to encourage this wonderful outdoor activity).

The next LYF activity?  Cardboard Boat Regatta in July ... the boys are already designing their Greek War Ship ....

Life is good out here at the Lake.

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  1. It looks like a wonderful day!! My kids love fishing!!