Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Feast Day: St. Philip Neri

St. Philip Neri, a businessman-turned-priest, founded the Congregation of the Oratory and was a major reformer (both through his actions and his words) of the late 16th Century priesthood.  [An interesting personal note:  the first time I ever traveled outside the United States, I went by myself to the UK for a two week trip.  When I landed on a Sunday, found my way to my b&b, and set out to explore London -- jet lag wasn't an issue as I was all of 23 years old! -- I found a Catholic Mass at the Brompton Oratory.  At the time I had no idea what the name meant, figuring it was a British way of saying "Catholic Church".  It wasn't until YEARS later (like maybe 5 years ago!) that I found out about St. Philip Neri and his Oratorians -- including St. Francis de Sales (1567-1622) and John Henry Cardinal Newman (famous English convert whose cause is up for canonization).

St. Philip Neri, help us to always live in sweetness, patience, humility and charity.


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  1. I made a St. Philip Neri coloring page to celebrate today's cheerful saint! I love the story that goes along with the original icon!