Friday, May 7, 2010

Mary's Month and May Crowning

The month of May, for Catholics everywhere, is considered the "month of Mary".  And usually, close to the beginning of the month (or in our case, the first Friday in May) groups of Catholic children celebrate Mary's Month by crowning a statue ... bringing flowers of the fairest ... to crown the Queen of the Angels.

Today, our parish had the homeschoolers participate in our own crowning -- crowning the lovely outdoor statue of Mary after 12 Noon Mass. 

It was a gorgeous 70+ day, not a cloud in the sky,
while Father blessed the crown of roses (Lego Maniac, not pictured was one of the dozen altar servers ....)
, two children who made their First Communion this year crowned the statue
and we prayed a full Rosary and sang Marian hymns. 

So while the big girls were doing this: 
The little girls were doing this: 
and my youngest was doing this:
(facing 90 degrees from the action!)

Here's Mary's Court:

After the celebration, we ate:
and socialized and enjoyed this uniquely Catholic celebration!

Blessed Mother, please watch over all who look to you for succor ....

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