Sunday, April 18, 2010

The start of something big ...

always begins with a small step (even if it does take all day on a balmy 60-degree spring day):
Today, dh and I began work on a tree house for the kiddoes ... these two 2x8x12s are the start for a platform that will elevate the kids about 10' up ... with rope ladder, rope bridge to another platform (anchored by a nearby oak) and generally a place to hide-out/sleep-out.  For now, the large beams are holding up a swing ... and they are loving it!

More to come as this particular project progresses here at Hilltop!

BTW, here's what a clafouti looks like ....
This is the one we made for St. Bernadette's feast (Friday, April 16th) ... mixed berries and slivered almonds, since I had to use almond extract as I ran out of vanilla extract (who runs out of vanilla extract!!!!!)


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