Saturday, April 3, 2010

Holy Week: Holy Saturday ... just one more day ...

Holy Saturday ... the day of Jesus' entombment and a view of our own death and God willing, our being out of Limbo and brought to God. 

This is a traditionally "quiet" day for the Church -- no services at all but time for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the blessing of the Easter foods (dh just left with our bread and ham to be blessed).  It's not so easy for a family to be quiet though -- there are egg hunts and pretzels to be made, baths and ironing of clothes, excitement mounting as we know what will happen this evening:  once the sun goes down, we are in Easter! 

Tomorrow morning, at 0600, we will be at Mass at Dawn -- the one Legomaniac wanted to serve.  But he has promised us Krispy Kreme donuts after, so we'll be fine.

We wish all of you a most blessed Easter ... you will be in our prayers during Easter.
And remember that we are in Easter from tonight until Ascension Thursday -- 40 days of enjoying Jesus' resurrection!

I love being Catholic!

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  1. Love the painting! Do you know who painted and when it was done?