Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mother-Daughter Tea and Father-Son Barbeque

OK, this is such a wonderful idea from the lovely ladies over at the Pious Sodality of Church Ladies ... a very wonderful group of ladies whom I have never had the pleasure to meet and yet I get many wonderful ideas from them.

Seems that for the past 12 years or so, their Parish sponsors an annual mother-daughter tea party (with a father-son barbeque also).  The girls (9-13) come with their moms, all dressed up and wonderfully feminine-looking, and enjoy not just tea and cakes (see today's post for their menu ... wow!) but also talks from older teens about modesty in dress and behavior, talks about being feminine and the great gifts given us when God created man and woman differently.  Go read both of Margaret Mary's posts about the teas.

This is so cool!  And the fact that they also have a similar party for the guys is just wonderful. 

Anyone want to join me in starting up something similar nearby?

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