Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A New Daybook: Nurturing Creativity in the Heart of My Home

I started up a group over at Kind Conversations called Nurturing Creativity (which is also the subtitle of my book, In His Image).  We'll be sharing how we nurture creativity in our homes and helping each other along. 

One thing I started to day is a kind of "daybook" for creativity .... here's my NCDaybook for April 21st:
  • on my needles I have an almost finished sweater for Knit Picks Independent Designer Program;  
  • on the craft table I have some items I need to finish for my quarterly craft column in the summer issue of mater-et-magistra  
  • on the kitchen counter I have bread rising for dinner tonight  (Fr. G is coming so we're having a feast of roast beast, homemade bread, brownies (chocolate and blondies), and great conversation)
  • in the garden I have seeds just waiting for the warmth of the sun (and the much needed rain we're getting today) to burst into life; I have ground that needs tilling to plant some more seeds ; I have transplants from a fellow-homeschooler's garden that need nurturing to get them started in this Virginia clay 
  • in the school-room I have plans for letting the three littles write/direct/produce their own version of St. George and the Dragon for Friday evening entertainment!

So what creative things are you working on today .....



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