Sunday, September 13, 2009

Family: decorating String Bean's room

On Saturday, String Bean and I found the wall decals we've been looking for!  Here's a set from Amazon that we liked, but we went to ACMoore which has TONS of styles (including, now how cool is this, chalkboard and dry-erase decals!).  We chose fuschia zinnias, daisies and fuschia dots -- very pretty.  We love these things ... they're easy to move around and if you have a 50%-off coupon, are really a great deal.  These are so easy to use ... and move ... and don't leave any residue AND hide dings or marks on the walls!  Very cool.

Here is her room, before:
And, here is her room after ... we still have to get her a dresser ... but it's getting there!

She loves it! 

Only problem:  now the boys want their room done!

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  1. very cute! Stringbean must be very excited. Miss you XOXO. Kotchly