Friday, September 11, 2009

Family: climbing the mountain to fulfill God's will ...

A dear, dear friend of ours needs help.  She is a young teacher at dh's high school who believes God wills her to become a Dominican Sister of Nashville (an amazing, vibrant community of ladies who teach all over the world). 

This is not an easy journey.  There are many bumps, hills, and even mountains she must scale before she can join.  First, she had to accept the call, the urging within her that God was asking her to "be of use" in this way.  She has climbed that bump.  First she had to be accepted into the novitiatiate.  She has climbed that hill.  There is at least one mountain, a big one at that, which she needs to climb before she is able to join.  She's about two-thirds of the way up that mountain, but it is a big one ...

The Dominican Sisters will not allow you to enter until you are debt-free.  Now, Karen is a very frugal person; however, her one big debt is the student loans she took out to allow her to receive a degree from Catholic University of America.  She has cleared two of the three loans and now has less than a year to clear the last loan.  Donations to Karen are not tax-deductible ... but they will help this lovely young woman on her journey to fulfill God's will.

Won't you help?  On her blog, That I May be of Use, she has a donation button.  There is also an address if you'd like to send her a check. 

She also asks that you send up some prayers for her continued quest to be obedient to God ... all else will follow.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I am at peace knowing so many others will join me in prayer. I'll keep you posted on the adventures of trying to become a bride of Christ!
    -Karen :-)