Saturday, September 12, 2009

Family: crafting during college football games

Poor String Bean -- she just really does not like college football ... and since we have cable this year, we actually can WATCH college ball so she is definitely out of luck.  So, this morning she and I spent a mommy-morning running errands with the first stop being the craft store! 

We chose fabric for a ballet-class bag for her, wall decals to do her room (I spent today washing the walls in her room so the walls should be ready tomorrow for decorating -- we'll definitely post pictures!), and miscellaneous other craft necessaries.
Here's her very first sewing-machine sewing project!  A simple drawstring bag for her ballet-class stuff.  And boy is she proud ... she was also amazed at how much faster it is to machine sew than it is to hand-sew!  Her stitching is really pretty even -- thanks to a piece of blue painter's tape placed on the plate that she could use as a stitching guide.  Looks like we have a sewer in the family -- she must take after dh's side of the family (unfortunately, I sew for necessity rather than enjoyment or skill).
Here you can see both sides of the bag ... and it's full with her stuff, so a perfect size!  She looks pretty proud of herself, doesn't she?

And, boo hoo, ND lost to Michigan ... lots of gnashing of teeth tonight ... but at least String Bean is happy!

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