Saturday, September 12, 2009

Birthdays: what would you do?

This is a poll ... there are 13 shopping days till my birthday and we're not sure what I should get!  Here are the choices:

  1. a beach-style bike ... with all the necessary accessories (like a helmet, lock, etc)
  2. scroll saw and Dremel tool to begin a hobby with wood crafts (something I've always wanted to do and never did!).  Now that we have a garage, this would be a great thing for the family ... so we might put it off until Christmas, but then we couldn't make the Nativity this year ....
  3. dress-form to display my knitwear designs in a better format ... right now whenever I make anything for "women", I don't have anyone to try it on to photograph it ... problem with this one is that it would be hard for the littles to get anything to go with ... altho yarn would be nice ...
So, what would you do if you were nearing 48 and could ask for anything (within reason, that is) ....


  1. Wow. That bike is awfully cute! I'd have a hard time deciding between that and the scroll saw. The saw is practical, but the bike is adorable!!!

  2. I've been wanting a bike like that for a while, too! Walmart has a cute, blue Schwinn for about the same price, less shipping.

  3. Well, I'm into I'd vote for that bike!