Monday, September 7, 2009

End of Summer, Start of Fall ...

... and school all the time and college football and cooler weather -- as my 6 yos says, "bring it on"!

Saturday, we celebrated the end of summer and beginning of Fall:  the opening day of college football party and the annual lighted-boat parade here at the lake.

We love college football games around here ... and this year, since we finally have cable, we actually can watch and SEE the games!  Unfortunately, the games weren't the best -- we were watching Nevada at Notre Dame and it was such a rout, that it got boring after the first quarter.  We switched around but all the games that were on seemed similar routs.  What to do?  Eat all the junk food String Bean and I prepared for the boys:  buffalo wings, taquitos, dilled cream cheese, pizza, chips, crackers, celery & carrots (for SOME nutrition), and just about every other kind of game-day food you can imagine ... with pride of place going to our traditional "game day menu": cheese whiz!  We know it's bad for us all ... but hey, we just buy it for college football games!

On Saturday evening, LegoManiac and I boarded a party barge and headed out into the lighted-boat parade.  This parade had been postponed twice due to rain ... but we couldn't have asked for a better night -- full "corn moon", clear skies and calm "seas".  Our "Mame" boat didn't win, but we had a great time and dh and the littles said we looked great.

Today, I attended the annual "hoa" meeting ... not alot discussed but good to get involved.  The rest of today was spent in true holiday fashion -- laying around, reading fun books and catching some smaller college football games.  Don't you just love Labor Day?  And yes, it's getting chillier here -- less than 75 degrees all day, kind of gloomy and a bit rainy ... leaves are starting to change and windows and doors wide open to bring in the fresh air!

Welcome FALL!

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  1. Wow. Quite the busy day! I had school yesterday
    :( but I guess we can't have everything. Last night two of my room mates and I watched the FSU/Miami game. It was a great game (38-34, FSU lost). It was on a little late for you guys tho. Love you and miss you!