Friday, September 25, 2009

Birthdays: guess who turned 48?

Birthdays are funny ... when you're little, it's all about the presents you get and the great stuff you get to choose for dinner/dessert and the surprise and excitement of it all.

As you age, you begin to see birthdays as a time of review ... have I done what I wanted to since last birthday?  Am I where I wanted to be at 30 ... or 40 ... or whatever?  Birthdays almost become "death knells" ... days to worry about and stress over.

But, all of a sudden ...
you're at a point where birthdays are really fun again -- it's all about the surprises and the treats and the happiness of all around you.  Some folks remember and some don't ... but the important folks always do ... and I'm so thankful for all those who thought of me today and prayed for me and sent good wishes ...

but especially, I'm thankful for my dear husband and my three youngest "babies" who made my day so extra special today (while my older two sent emails and cards and even called) ....

God bless them all .... and all of you who sent good wishes, prayers and cards ...

I love you all!

And for those who were wondering -- the kids and dh pooled their money and I got the scroll saw ... well, actually the beginnings of a fund for a scroll saw so that I can get a really good one.  We're over half-way there (thanks to gift money from my darling in-laws and a bit from a teacher-friend), so I should have enough to get the goregous thing before Advent starts so we can make those Nativity figures for this year's Christmas celebrations!
[Oh, and a fellow home-school mom had an old beach cruiser bike she wasn't using and was getting rid of so... I'll get that too -- isn't God good????]


  1. Happy Birthday dear lady. I love seeing your smiling face...miss that up here! Maybe you should do a preorder for your figures to raise more $$$ for your saw ;-)


  2. Happy Birthday Mary! We miss you out here!