Friday, November 20, 2009

Feast Day: Christ the King Sunday!

Sunday, November 22nd, is the Feast of Christ the King.  This is the day Catholics and Christians round the world celebrate that Jesus Christ is truly the Son of God and therefore King! 

I love this feast for a few reasons: 
  1. this feast reminds me of Jesus' rightful place at the right-hand of the Father;  all the images of Christ as King are so beautiful, it's always hard for me to pick just one.  This icon will be our screen image till Advent starts on November 29th.
  2. this feast ends the liturgical year with all the attendant promises of a new start.
  3. this feast reminds me that Advent is coming and then the Birth of Jesus as a poor babe born in a cave, laid in a feeding trough, and here for one purpose only -- to save us! 
May you and yours enjoy a beautiful weekend, filled with love of Christ the King!


  1. Mary G.-

    I was searching for Christ the King images and this one from your blog came across my screen and I love it- the verse is so plain-speaking and matter of fact, but it still gives me such a warm feeling, like "yes, this IS the truth". Could you please give me permission to use this image in my Church's bulletin?
    God Bless Always-

  2. Samantha-PA ... of course you can use this image ... I love the look of the icon with the text!

    Mary G.