Monday, November 2, 2009

Feast: All Souls Day

This is the screen-saver we'll have on the family computer all month ... so that we remember to pray to, and for, the souls in Purgatory.

[A cool side note:  we actually have seen this fresco in situ ... it was done by Luca Signorelli as part of his fresco cycle done in the Chapel of San Brizio in Orvieto (Italy) Cathedral (1499-1503).  This particular part is titled, "Resurrection of the Flesh".  We saw his gorgeously restored during a visit back in 2003 -- we were taking a lunch break on our bus trip from Gaming, Austria to Rome, Italy to see Pope John Paul the Great!  The kids especially remember the stop as we had a great lunch from one of the little groceries on the way back to the bus!]

String Bean (3), dh, Kotch (almost 12), BamBam (in the backpack at 4months!), me, LegoManiac (4), Brikhead (almost 14) in Orvieto!

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