Monday, November 30, 2009

Advent: Plans for Week 1

Advent Week 1 -- plans for celebrating Advent in the heart of our home ...

Advent 2009 Theme: in a separate post, I give the scriptural quotations and symbols for our Jesse Tree which we will start filling on Tuesday, Dec 1st.

Christmas Traditions from Around the World -- thru legends, facts, foods and crafts!

Books and resources we'll be using throughout Advent and Christmas:
Chapter Book Read-alouds this week:
Saint of the Day:
This week:  Austria, Poland, Sicily, Spain, (and Switzerland, through our read-aloud).
Sunday:  1st Sunday of Advent -- Stir up Sunday -- make Virginia Bourbon Cakes for Christmas.

Monday:  prep the Nativity by reading the story of St. Francis (from CAW, pg 123-124); read DB chap 1; W "Gospel and History"; CSRW: Austria (12-17).  Read pg 9-45 of Christmas Stove; outline all gifts, decorations, card-receivers, etc for us to make during this Advent; evening activity: story and hot chocolate.

Tuesday:  start working on landscape of Nativity; DB chap 2-3; W "Origin of the Feast" and "Midnight Mass";CSRW: Poland (60-71); L Poland (14-15).  Read pg 46-94 of Christmas Stove; English tea-time in honor of St. Edmund Campion; evening activity:  game and popcorn.  Jesse tree ornament: sun and moon.

Wednesday: [co-op day so no advent activity]; evening activity - hot cider and story.  Jesse tree ornament: apple and snake.

Thursday:  continue working on landscape of Nativity; DB chap 4-5;  W "Christmas in the Middle Ags" and "Decline and Revival"; CSRW: Sicily (72-79); L 22.  Read Chap 1-2 of The Christmas Donkey; make origami ornaments in honor of St. Francis Xavier's mission trips to the Far-East. Evening activity:  kids put on play of one of the legends they've heard this week.  Jesse tree ornament: ark.

Friday:  finish landscape of Nativity; DB chap 6-7; W "Ancient Hymns and Carols", Carols for Every Mood" and "Familiar Hymns and Carols"; CSRW: Spain (80-86); JW 58-77; Read Chap 3-4 of The Christmas Donkey; make icons in honor of St. John the Wonderworker (feast on Saturday) who fought against the iconoclasts.  Evening activity:  snack dinner and family movie.  Jesse tree ornament: camel

Saturday:  Jesse tree ornament: lamb; "Emperor's New Clothes"; visit with Santa at Community Center
Sunday:  Jesse tree ornament: Jacob's ladder; make St. Nick cookies; evening activity:  Christmas Movie classic and cookies with icecream.

Our Advent book basket ...
 we'll be using other books from the Public Library as well as Christmas picture books we own for our evening stories (not listed above as the kids will pick out which ones to read each night).

God bless you during this first week of Advent 2009!

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