Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where should we go today?

The FIRST annual Diocese of Arlington (Virginia) Catholic Heritage Festival !

Even though the skies looked doubtful, many from all over the Diocese gathered at Bull Run Regional Park to enjoy Mass with the good Bishop Paul Loverde and his fellow priests, deacons and seminarians helping out!After Mass, there were vendors to visit. All were Catholics who were either selling their wares or just offering information, advice and prayers for those stopping by. We particularly enjoyed this vendor as for the "price" of a Hail Mary for our priests, we could get a free bottle of water -- on a 85+ day, the water was much appreciated ... and String Bean and I walked a few feet and then said our prayer so we wouldn't forget.Besides vendors selling things, there were lots of groups selling ethnic foods and entertaining the crowd with their countries' dances. The diversity of the Catholic community here in Virginia ... the Eritreans, El Salvadorans, Bolivians, Irish, Koreans, Vietnamese, French, Italians, Mexicans, and many more others ... joined together to celebrate our Catholicity! As Bishop Loverde mentioned in his sermon, the diversity of each is enfolded in the unity of our commonality of faith. What a fantastic day ... and thanks to the intercessory prayers of Our Lady (today is the feast of the Queenship of Mary) ... the stormy weather held off until just about an hour-and-a-half before closing.Thanks to all those who were involved in the preparations and execution of this marvelous festival. We can't wait to go next year ... and try the Indian food we missed ... and the Bolivian dancers ... and do some shopping ...
So where did you go today?

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful festival. These things make me wish we lived a little closer to civilization sometimes!!