Monday, August 31, 2009

Family: What a Week finally got better

As I mentioned earlier, last week was a heckuva week

One of the things that has been preying on my mind was my overall health .... I haven't had a physical in I'm not sure how many years and never had a mammogram.  Last Tuesday, I not only got a physical ... with all the blood work, ekg and specimen taking imaginable ... I also had my first mammogram.

I hadn't heard on the test results, but I did hear on the mammogram:  I had to go back today for more detailed xrays!

Well, I got a clean, no problem response after my xrays (seems I just had some dense tissue).  I thought it great that the technician showed the xrays right away to the radiologist to see if anything further needed doing -- and it DIDN'T!  30 minutes or so after arriving back home, I got a call from my GP's office:  I passed all tests and am "marvelously healthy" except for the need to up my vitamin D intake (to the tune of 500% more per day!).  Cool huh?

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  1. Congratulations. You sounded WAAAY calmer than I was when I had to go back for extra tests after a questionable mammo. Definitely one of the biggest stressors of my life.

    BTW, one way to up your Vitamin D intake is to move back to sunny Colorado! ;-)