Monday, August 10, 2009

Books: Guess who's coming to town?

One of my all-time favorite writer/illustrators is Jan Brett. I love the way she illustrates to weave "extra stories" into the borders of her stories ... and the base story is so exceptional that it's like getting two (or more) stories for the time of one! The pre-reading little ones get some great pictures to gaze at while mom reads aloud. Not a bad thing at'all!

I love too that she always has lots of beautiful "hand-knit" items in her drawings and stories ... I even designed a hat and stocking for a new-born based on her book, The Hat.

And guess what? She's coming to Fredericksburg, Va on her Fall 2009 book tour which includes the 20th anniversary of one of our favorite stories -- The Mitten! F'burg is less than 30 minutes away and I KNOW my kids will be thrilled to go meet her in person ... at least, String Bean will definitely come with me ...

So, the tour date is booked on the Google Calendar ... I'm going to do a Jan Brett study (with helps from here) to coincide with the event ... and we're good to go! Yippppppeeee!

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