Monday, August 31, 2009

Family: what a week!

This has been one of those weeks that will live in infamy! 
  • Tuesday -- I spent the day with a physical, lab work and a mammogram (my first, so I have to go back today for a more detailed one, yuck!)
  • Tuesday evening -- I found out that one of my brothers had died that morning; I spent much of the week trying to figure out a way to get back to California for the funeral ... but I just couldn't do it financially or emotionally or logistically (with no one to look after the littles anyway). My brother's wake was last night with a burial this morning ... prayers for the repose of his soul and prayers more especially for the family he leaves behind.
  • Thursday -- my 18 yod went off for college; we miss her and know she's doing the right thing, but we have lost the benefit of an older child who knows how to cook, clean, cuddle and read the little ones while I'm busy with another.  Kotch although you are directionally challenged (they were heading to the beach yesterday and ended up in the Everglades!) we are very proud of you and love you very much.
  • Sunday morning we were so sad to see our dear friends leave ... at 5:16 they pulled out for the next stop on their journey, but we will miss them so much.  Guess we're heading to Colorado next summer to get our friends-n-family "fix" .
It was truly a blessing to have our Colorado friends for a short time.  They rolled in on Thursday and stayed till Sunday o-dark:30.  Just a very relaxing visit with folks who are more family than just friends.  I've known the mom online for years and then when we moved to Colorado back in 2006, the families became very tight ... too many similarities to be ignored, I guess!

Here are some more pix of our frolicking together ....
We love you guys and pray for a safe conclusion to your journey!  Next summer, Casa Colorado?

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