Saturday, August 8, 2009

Homeschool: getting ready ...

How do you make two boys thrilled about school starting up in three weeks?

Head to a never-entered thrift store (aka, junk shop) down at the county seat and buy two beautiful desks.

BamBam loves his old style school-desk ... all wood and metal and virtually untip-able (a good thing for BamBam) and unbreakable.

Lego Maniac got a "big kid" desk that will carry him through high school! It's sturdy and tough and looks nice. Give him dad's old laptop and he's "sitting pretty".

As you can see, we're still working on their rooms ... but they're getting there! And while we're working on finishing them, at least they have their own study spaces that are as different as they are.

And the best part? I found a great thrift shop for house stuff ... lots of old, sturdy furniture, housewares and other fun things where the store is owned by a lovely family and not too far from home. I can't wait to take dh with me next time (Kotch went this time and we had a blast!) so we can spend ... I mean "save" ... lots of money.

And for those of you who might have THOUGHT we'd ever forget our sweet String Bean ... here's the desk dh and I built for her this past week ... right into a cool alcove in her room with a window looking out on trees ... she loves it (but hates the fact that we had to spackle and paint ... let the paint dry ... paint again ... etc). The sign on the back of the chair says "wet paint" and she was none too happy having to write that one.

Dh will allow her to "load it up" on Monday so I'm sure she'll be room-bound for a week or so while she makes it her own space! And yes, her room is pale pink ... which is perfect for our String Bean. Kotch doesn't like it much, but since she leaves for college at the end of August, it'll be just fine!

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