Thursday, February 11, 2010

Unit Study: 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games

We'll be starting our unit on the Winter Olympics/Paralympics starting tomorrow with the Opening Ceremony in Vancouver.  Since the Olympics go from February 12-February 28, and the Paralympic Games go from March 12-March 21 ... we'll be quite busy immersing ourselves in the games: geography (where is each medalist's country or state, etc), math (charting the medals, graphing the times, estimating, etc), science of the Arctic region, snow  and climatology and meteorology of Vancouver area, history and culture of the Inuit, the Games, the medalists', story-writing and crafting, art studies and other things.

Here are a few of the resources we've compiled for our unit ... please feel free to comment if you have any others you've found ...
Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games' Unit Study Resources
Books -- Winter Olympics:
Books -- Paralympics:
Books -- Vancouver and Canadian Inuit Culture:
Internet Sites:
We'll round out our school days with Lenten activities including as-often-as-possible-daily Mass and readings on Lent from the Saints.

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  1. Thank you for valuable post! We are HUGE
    Olympic junkies here. . .We will be using your suggestions. FWIW,we have enjoyed reading about the origin of the
    Olympics in Hillyer's Child's History of the World. The chapter is called "Crown of Leaves".